Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My gorgeous friend, Dandi, bought this shot off of my Redbubble :D
Thanks hon, your AWESOME!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time for a little sweetness

I had the lovely opportunity to go to Rozelle & Balmain, along Darling St., on Wednesday with a friend which turned out to be quite the foodie trip. Our adventure started off at the Bagel House in Rozelle, with the purchase of plain, mini's, poppy seed, onion, blueberry, raspberry and cheese bagels (stocked the freezer well. When freezing, it is always best to cut the bagel in half first). Bagel House bagels are made the traditional way where they boil them before they bake them. And yes, if anyone is asking, they are the same, one and only, Bagel House that used to reside at Taylor Square in the City. While there, we of course had a lovely toasted bagel and cream cheese to start the day. We happily walked out of there with 2 shopping bags each, filled.

After this we went across the street and up a little toward Victoria Rd, to Belle Fleur Chocolates . Just a little slice of heaven this shop is. It's got some amazing chocolate sculptures (not all for sale) and some very uniquely molded chocolates, including white chocolate asparagus, milk chocolate soccer boots and dark chocolate mobile phones. Oh and you MUST try their mini chocolate lamingtons, drooling stuff! Unfortunately our purchases were eaten so quickly that there are no photos but next time I promise to shoot some before I snarf them all. They were totally delectable!

Crossing back over and heading back past the Bagel House, you will come across this great food place called About Life Organic Market. This is where we picked up some really cool jars of salt flakes in different flavors for a whole $1.95 each. I got lemon salt flakes and my friend got the chili flakes and some lemon ones as well. They have lots of fresh fruit and veg and are pretty well stocked for most organic needs.

The next part of our trip, and it was the highlight, was a little drive further down the road, into Balmain, to Adriano Zumbo's Patisserie. We encountered only a short wait thankfully, (it can be up to a 2 hour wait of late since being featured on 'Master Chef' Australia), and were treated to a rainbow of pastry art that was mind melting before we'd even touched a finger to a single pastry. I became week at the knees when my eyes fell onto some of these special treats and of course got overly carried away and bought way too many. Below are some photos of their yummy goodness. Please make sure you have some paper towel handy to clean off your screen after viewing ;-)

Finally after sadly running out of time, we drove back to Victoria Rd and went straight over. About a block or two down the other side is a fantastic shop called Essential Ingredients. You may know of them from Crows Nest but they have moved. We didn't get to go in but we had two slow drive by's and plan on making it stop number one next time. Going by what their Crows Nest store used to stock, well every ingredient that you've ever wanted but could never find. They also stock lots of cooking and baking supplies to use these fabulous ingredients in.

So basically, that was our foodie day out. There was the odd clothing store that we ventured into but really, nothing compared to the gourmet grander of all the food places. And can I just say, we left many food places untouched, all waiting for our next adventure...

Adriano Zumbo's Mixed Berry Brioche

Adriano Zumbo's Black Current Ball

Adraino Zumbo's Chocolate x 5
(may have been even more)

Adriano Zumbo's Miny Chocolate Tart

Adriano Zumbo's Passion Fruit Tart